Two of Norfolk's Conservative MPs billed taxpayers for their purchase of Remembrance Day wreaths - but both claim it was done by mistake.

The latest expenses claims by MPs reveal that North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker and Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman both claimed £20 on expenses for commemorative wreaths last November.

Both have said it was an error. Mr Freeman has repaid the money already and Mr Baker has said he will be repaying the sum.

Eastern Daily Press: Two Norfolk MPs claimed for Remembrance Day wreaths on expensesTwo Norfolk MPs claimed for Remembrance Day wreaths on expenses (Image: Ian Burt)

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Eastern Daily Press: North Norfolk MP Duncan BakerNorth Norfolk MP Duncan Baker (Image: Archant)

Mr Baker said he used his own money to buy wreaths and the claim had been made in error.

He said: "The claim was made by an office employee who no longer is employed by me and the money will be immediately repaid. Had I known, I would never have sanctioned this."

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Eastern Daily Press: Mid Norfolk MP George FreemanMid Norfolk MP George Freeman

Mr Freeman said he had not been aware his office had included the £20 for the wreath in the expenses claim and that it had been an "administrative error".

Mr Freeman, who made headlines recently when he said he stood down as a science minister partly because he could not afford rising mortgage payments on his salary of almost £120,000, said he had already repaid the £20.

MPs are entitled to claim for such items under Parliament's rules and there is no suggestion of wrongdoing.