A father and son have rescued a village from a flooded road.

Dorian Hindmarsh and his 11-year-old son Stefan Hindmarsh used gardening equipment to clear a drain blockage which was flooding Ketteringham Lane in Hethersett, near Norwich.

Preventing villagers from safely using the road since last November, the duo ventured to the flood in wellington boots and cleared the drains in 15 minutes using a garden hoe.

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Eastern Daily Press: Dorian Hindmarsh and his 11 year-old son Stefan Hindmarsh used gardening equipment to drain a flooded road in HethersettDorian Hindmarsh and his 11 year-old son Stefan Hindmarsh used gardening equipment to drain a flooded road in Hethersett (Image: Dorian Hindmarsh)
Ketteringham Lane is one of the only roads allowing pedestrians and cyclists access to safely cross the busy A11 highway, avoiding detours to Wymondham. 

Following heavy rain across Norfolk, Dr Hindmarsh said he was "fed up" after the road had been closed by the council, whom he said despite using heavy and expensive machinery, "have not cleared the drains on either side of the road." 

Complaining he was getting wet feet from cycling the route, Dr Hindmarsh said: "When fully blocked, the flood would reach up to his thighs in the centre of the road."

After a cyclist sustained injuries falling from his bike in November due to the freeze-over on the lane, Dr Hindmarsh told himself: "If no-one is going to do anything about it, I'm going to do something."

Investigating the cause of the flood, the pair discovered that the concrete culvert, two pipes 10-12 inches wide which beats water from the ditches to a stream that crosses the road, was blocked with rubbish, bottles, and plastic car pieces. 

A community access road used regularly by traffic including school buses, local businesses, villagers and dog walkers, Dr Hindmarsh said: "Some people were ignoring the road closure and using the flooded road, damaging their vehicles."

Eastern Daily Press: Ketteringham Lane in Hethersett, near NorwichKetteringham Lane in Hethersett, near Norwich (Image: Google Maps)

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After posting on Facebook about the successful drainage of the flood, Dr Hindmarsh said he was "staggered" by the positive response and Stefan added: "It was a really good spend of our time to help the community."

Dr Hindmarsh emphasised the importance of keeping the "forgotten road" open.

Next week, the father and son are planning a litter pick to get rid of the rubbish which appears to be causing the water blockages.