I have a confession to make. You have to promise, reader, that you won’t judge me too harshly, ok?

This time last year I had never visited Norfolk. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I had visited King's Lynn for one evening to buy a rusty Citroen Berlingo that I had big plans to turn into a micro camper, but that was the extent of my Norfolk knowledge.

So I see it as a pretty radical act of manifestation that I now find myself living here on the Norfolk coast, in beautiful Cromer.

My previous life in the East Midlands, where I worked in education until I suffered a pretty enormous burnout, feels like a distant memory.

Eastern Daily Press: Lydia Wild

I’d worked in education since 2008 and had become so accustomed to the manic pace that I didn’t realise that I was heading towards a mental health brick wall at high speed until it was too late.

After some time off to recover, I realised that I was feeling very disconnected from my life.

I’d lost sight of doing things I loved, spending time being present and generally just living life at a pace that didn’t feel quite so relentless.

As I recovered and came back down to earth, I started to think about what I wanted more of.

I wanted to carve a life for myself where I was able to work doing something I loved but know when to stop for the day.

I wanted to be able to step away from my laptop without the crippling worry of the unfinished to-do list.

I needed to spend more time in nature, slowing down and allowing myself to just ‘be’. 

Fast forward to 2024 and you now find me working as a coach specialising in supporting people with reconnecting with a life they love, binning off Hustle Culture and overcoming societal expectations. 

And what better place is there to do this work than Norfolk?

I feel utterly blessed to be able to call this county my home now.

I cannot think of a place more aligned with slowing down the pace and experiencing what life/the world has to offer.

Think of an activity that you would love to try and Norfolk can offer it.

Not only can Norfolk offer it, I can guarantee it will probably be pretty bloomin’ spectacular. 

You want to try surfing? Or yoga? Norfolk can go one better - how about a Yoga Surf retreat?

You’d like to dip your toe into cold water sea swimming? In Norfolk we can add on a Sauna Box session beforehand so you really feel the benefits. 

You’d like to eat a delicious meal full of locally sourced ingredients?

No problem pal, I can give you a list of 30+ places that can tickle your fancy.

The list of things that Norfolk has to offer is endless. But you already know that, don’t you?

You’re reading this article and hopefully nodding your head enthusiastically in agreement.

So what happens when you’re in agreement with all of the complimentary things I’ve said about this gorgeous county but you’re not able to absorb it?

We can be surrounded by all these amazing things but if we’re in a state of disconnect with our own lives it can be hard to see the juicy good stuff that’s around us. 

The first step is acknowledging it. Knowing that we’ve got a lot to be grateful for but we’re just not feeling it is a big moment and it takes both vulnerability and courage.

The next step is thinking about what you might like to do about it. 

Spring is in the air. It’s a good time to clean out the closet, dust off some cobwebs and make some changes.

Just think of where you could be by summer if you chose to start now? If all of that feels too daunting, I hear you. And I have a suggestion for you - get in touch.

We can talk through what you’d really love your Norfolk life to look like, find out what’s standing in your way and knock it down so you can move forwards.

Or, if I’m not your cup of tea (which is totally fine, I’m not for everyone!), might I suggest looking at the Feel Good Norfolk directory of fabulous wellness businesses?

Everything from reflexology to reiki, yoga to sound baths, coaching to counselling can be found there. Like I’ve already mentioned, Norfolk has it all. And when it comes to wellness, you really are spoilt for choice.

Check out https://www.lydiawildcoaching.com/ and www.feelgoodnorfolk.co.uk 

To find out more about Feeling Good in Norfolk join the Feel Good Club - https://feelgoodnorfolk.co.uk/feel-good-club/