Items left outside a home as a free offering have ended up fly-tipped in a market town park, according to someone living there.

Fakenham Town Council reported items being dumped in Millennium Park on its Facebook page after furniture was discovered on March 12.

Stacey Smalley commented on the post that she believed she saw the items on someone’s driveway the day before it was discovered, with a sign saying it was “free to a good home".

She said: “I’m going to assume this was not fly-tipped as such but taken by someone thinking it’s funny to take it and dump it thereafter destroying it, as I saw it yesterday afternoon stood nicely in someone’s driveway with a sign on it saying it was free to a good home. 

Eastern Daily Press: Items of rubbish were dumped at Millennium Park, in FakenhamItems of rubbish were dumped at Millennium Park, in Fakenham (Image: Fakenham Town Council)

“Unless I am very mistaken it was a small bedside table and a set of drawers and we saw it on the driveway of one of the houses near to the park.

"I remember it being there as my daughter pointed it out as we were walking home from school and it was sitting nicely halfway up the house's driveway with a pink sign on the top saying it was free. 

“Obviously I can’t guarantee it’s the same one but from the picture that I saw on Facebook from the town council it looks just the same and the location would check out too.

“How very frustrating.”

The town council said it was uncovered by its groundsmen undertaking a general inspection of the estate.

A spokeswoman for the town council said: “We still consider it fly-tipping, it was on our property so we were responsible for clearing it.

“Incidents like this are incredibly frustrating as it takes our groundsmen time to clear up when they could be doing other more productive things.