A £121m bridge has got stuck for the second time, just six weeks after opening.

A fault with the Herring Bridge in Great Yarmouth caused the problem for 30 minutes this morning.

The county council blamed the fault on a minor technical issue with the barriers.

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The bridge became stuck, with the barriers closed, after failing to raise for an oncoming boat.

A Norfolk County Council spokesman said: "A minor technical fault prevented barriers from raising but this was quickly rectified."

This is the second time the bridge has become stuck, with problems on the crossing’s opening weekend.

The opening few days saw glitches, including swearing being broadcast from its control room.

A cyclist on the bridge recorded the foul-mouthed affair, with one worker saying: "I've been dealing with this ***** issue for four hours" before exclaiming "Oh for ****'s sake".

Following that incident, the county council said: "We apologise for any inconvenience or frustration this issue has caused to river and road users and we are working with our contractor to try to minimise the risk of a similar issue occurring again in the future."

The bridge became stuck today at around 11.40am before being back in operation at 12.12pm.