Bonnie and Clyde is raising a little hell in Norwich this week following its successful West End run.  

Set in Texas during the depression, the musical, which has fired its way into the city, follows the story of Bonnie Parker (Katie Tonkinson) and Clyde Barrow (Alex James-Hatton) as they become outlaws in their search for fame and money while continuously slipping through the hands of the law.  

Bonnie cannot imagine her life without Clyde, and in falling for him she falls into his lifestyle.  

The lawless lifestyle also becomes too much for brother Buck Barrow (Sam Farriday) who, despite serving a prison sentence, ends up chasing a life of crime with his brother, and dragging along his disapproving wife, Blanche Barrow (Catherine Tyldesley).  

Eastern Daily Press: The musical is in Norwich until Saturday March 16 The musical is in Norwich until Saturday March 16 (Image: Richard Davenport)

This show, arguably, has some of the most impressive vocals in anything currently touring or in the West End.  

And with a story that is fast paced and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats it is hard not to fall in love with the story, the characters, and the songs. 

As with many tours this show leans into the use of cinematic pictures to create set – often brining a rich tapestry of dark visuals, occasionally missing the mark with much too literal imagery.

This tour cast is so tight, and so fresh that it is hard to talk about stand out performances – with an ensemble that acts as the perfect glue to tie it all together.  

Eastern Daily Press: With a strong cast it is one not to be missed With a strong cast it is one not to be missed (Image: Richard Davenport)

Jaz Ellington as the Preacher brought an extra layer, offering us gorgeous tones and a nuanced performance that truly rounded out the production.  

Alex and Katie’s performance as Bonnie and Clyde is something close to perfection with a chemistry that is unrivalled and voices which are truly magical.  

This really is a cast not to be missed that could even convert those who believe they do not like musical theatre.   

*Bonnie and Clyde is running at the Norwich Theatre Royal until Saturday March 16. Ticket details: