A special beer is being launched to fundraise for the Queer Norfolk history project.

The Malt and Mardle micropub and the Humber Doucy Brewing Co have collaborated to launch a limited edition beer to raise funds for the Queer Norfolk initiative.

The project, which was established in 2022, aims to highlight and preserve the rich LGBTQ+ history of Norfolk.

The Magdalen Street micropub, which opened in 2021 as Norwich’s first, will donate all proceeds from the beer sales to the project.

This will help fund research, exhibitions, and educational programmes that focus on Norfolk's LGBTQ+ community.

Eastern Daily Press: The special beer, named the Pallis Pale Ale, will honour ecologist Marietta Pallis The special beer, named the Pallis Pale Ale, will honour ecologist Marietta Pallis (Image: Malt and Mardle micropub/Humber Doucy Brewing Co)

Adam from Queer Norfolk said: "Norwich pubs such as The Mischief, The Jolly Butchers, and ‘Studio 4’, historically welcomed LGBT+ clients - a tradition carried on by many pubs today.

"By enjoying a pint at The Malt and Mardle, you can join us in honouring the past and shaping a more inclusive future."

John Ridealgh, brewer at Humber Doucy Brewing Co, said: "As allies Humber Doucy are proud to support Queer Norfolk and the important work of archiving local LGBTQ+ history."

Malt and Mardle co-owner Emily Bridges, said: “Our micropub has always championed local organisations and businesses, in addition to highly valuing heritage and inclusivity.

"That’s why we are thrilled to be supporting Queer Norfolk in their important mission to capture and preserve the joys and challenges that the LGBTQ+ community have faced in our county in the past and present."

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The special beer, named the 'Pallis Pale Ale', will honour ecologist Marietta Pallis.

Ms Pallis dug a huge pool in the broads shaped like a double-headed eagle, which helped fellow scientist Joyce Lambert prove that the Norfolk Broads were man made.

Ms Pallis is buried at the centre of the pool, alongside her partner Phillis Clarke.

The ale will be available at the Malt and Mardle for one week only starting March 13.