Swaffham Church of England Primary Academy is celebrating local history through clay artwork.

The school has partnered with Swaffham Heritage to guide the children to create clay art.

The artwork will be exhibited in Swaffham Town Centre on March 16 during the 'Under the Eye of The Buttercross’ celebration.

The children learnt about the history of the Buttercross and the Peddlar of Swaffham story from a local history expert.

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Headteacher Nicola Kaye, said: “The Buttercross stands proudly in the town centre and the children were lucky to have a local history expert visit them in school recently to teach EYFS and Year 1 children about the history of the Buttercross and also about the story of The Peddlar of Swaffham.

"This inspired the children to create small scale models of the Buttercross, recreate the Peddlar statue and also create larger pieces of the cornucopia that is held by Ceres, the statue on top of the Buttercross."

Laura McWilliam, EYFS KS1 lead said: "We are always looking for ways to help our children thrive with all aspects of their learning and when we were contacted about this project we were keen to get involved.

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"The children are really enjoying exploring the clay and have learned to use different tools for shaping it.

"We can't wait to see their final creation on display in the Swaffham Museum."

Incorporating history from the community has been part of an 'exciting and engaging' curriculum. 

Swaffham Church of England Primary Academy’s recent OFSTED report stated that its curriculum is 'ambitious and well sequenced' and that the children enjoy their learning across the curriculum.