More than nine out of 10 children starting secondary education in September will be doing so in their top choice school, it has been confirmed.

Secondary school admissions figures have shown that just below 93pc of families were given their first preference - a slight increase from last year.

The figures also show a drop-off in the number of families who missed out on all of their preferences - from 329 to 230.

It comes as anxious parents learn which schools their children will be transitioning to in September.

And a year on from a village row involving one of the county's most sought-after schools - Hethersett Academy - it appears action to address the fears of Mulbarton has proven at least temporarily successful.

Last year, dozens of children from Mulbarton Primary School were initially turned away from the outstanding-rated Inspiration Trust school and instead offered places at Hewett Academy in Norwich.

However after several appeals were lodged, additional places were opened at the school.

But David Hall, chairman of governors at Mulbarton said the problem had not appeared to rear its head again.

He said: "I think it may be a smaller year group this year as I have not heard of quite so many of our children missing out.

"I certainly hope there isn't going to be a repeat anyway."

Overall, there were 114 fewer applications received than 2023 - with 9, 372 children due to start secondary school in September.

Of these, 8,713 - 92.88pc - were offered places at their top choice, while 230 did not receive any of their picks.

A Norfolk County Council spokesman said: "We are pleased to see a slight improvement in the percentage of children being offered their first preferred school.

"While around 97pc of families have received an offer with one of their preferred schools, it is recognised that some will be disappointed with their outcomes."

Information on what parents can do next is available on the council's website.