Trainee surgeon Luke was a cut above the rest in Come Dine With Me this week, being crowned the winner in this evening's episode.

The Channel Four show - which has been showing episodes filmed in Norfolk every evening since Monday - follows five contestants as they battle it out to be named the best dinner party host.

At the end of Thursday's episode, cleaner Hannah was in the lead with 30 points out of 40.

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Hairdresser Sarah was just behind with 29, followed by magician Anthony at 28 and service manager Jess at 24.

The group knew they were in safe hands and expected nothing but the best from Luke's dinner on the final evening.

He wowed with his seared scallop starter, barbecued and braised tandoori lamb curry main and apricot tarte tatin dessert.

Hannah - realising he was her main competition - was the only one critical of his cooking as everyone else had nothing but praise.

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A blindfolded game of 'pin the organ on the body' had everyone in stitches between courses, keeping the energy high throughout the night.

Even Anthony's dad jokes couldn't kill the mood as the guests celebrated their final evening together.

Luke's efforts earned him a very impressive 32 out of 40, securing him the £1,000 prize.

The episodes can be watched on Channel Four’s on-demand service All 4.