The second dinner party in this week's Come Dine With Me contest brought plenty of glitz, glam and good grub.

The Channel Four show - which is airing episodes filmed in Norfolk every night this week - follows a group of five contestants as they try to throw the best dinner party.

Hannah, a head cleaner from Diss, hosted a 'black tie and sequin' themed evening and involved glitter and sparkles at every opportunity.

The hostess, hairdresser Sarah and karaoke queen Jess all looked gorgeous in floor-length gowns while magician Anthony and surgeon Luke opted for bow ties.

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Hannah's guests all had high expectations for her menu - and she did not disappoint.

Her simple starter - a sweet pepper and tomato soup served with homemade bread - caused some initial doubts but quickly won everyone over.

Even Sarah, who had repeatedly complained that soup is "what old people eat" before giving it a score, confessed she enjoyed it.

For the main course, Hannah dished up what she called "a proper pig fest" of pork stuffed with asparagus and pâté with dauphinoise potatoes on the side.

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Although Anthony was hoping to be the joker of the group with his Tommy Cooper impressions, Sarah's one-liners stole the show this evening.

The main brought plenty more as she couldn't hold back from commenting on the "really meaty meat" with "the pâté stuff stuck inside it".

Before dessert, the group played a game.

They had to hold their hands behind their backs and eat doughnuts hanging in front of them by a string.

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Luke - or "double-0 Luke" as Dave Lamb called him after seeing his bow tie - won by successfully scoffing more than anyone else.

Hannah's final course was a lemon mousse with homemade shortbread, served in crystal glasses with a heap of edible glitter dashed on top.

The guests agreed its consistency was more like a pannacotta or posset than a mousse, but everyone enjoyed its lemony zing. 

All in all, cleaner Sarah swept the floor with Amazing Anthony, beating his respectable score of 28 with a 30.

The Norfolk episodes of Come Dine With Me are airing every evening this week at 6pm on Channel Four.