A man arrested after shouting foul-mouthed threats at passing shoppers has been fined for breaching an anti-social order. 

Bruce Gardner, 66, became abusive when he was confronted by stallholders on Norwich Market on February 12 after repeatedly swearing at and threatening people on Gentleman’s Walk in the city centre.   

Norwich Magistrates’ Court was told he has 152 previous convictions and is subject to a criminal behaviour order until 2025 not to behave in an antisocial manner in a public place.  

Appearing in custody Gardner, of Horns Lane, Norwich, pleaded guilty to breaching the order. 

Maya Lal, mitigating, said he had long-standing mental health issues and had recently been diagnosed with cancer. 

He had been talking to himself as much as passers-by when he repeatedly walked up and down Gentleman’s Walk, she added.

Magistrates told him they were taking the “unusual step” of sentencing outside the guidelines. He was told to pay fines and costs of £112.

A trial date of November 7 was also set after he pleaded not guilty to assault over a separate incident on December 27.