Scammers are targeting people in Norfolk through fraudulent emails and cold calls. 

Here are the scams to watch out for this month. 

Emails claiming to be from Disney+

Norfolk Trading Standards has warned of scam emails targeted at people who use streaming platform Disney+.

The emails claim that a subscription has or is about to expire, offering the chance to extend membership at a heavily discounted rate by following a link. 

The link will lead to a fake version of the Disney+ website which will attempt to gather personal and financial details. 

Investment scams

People in Norfolk should be alert to social media posts that claim to be about well-known celebrities who are endorsing investments.

Scammers will make posts or place paid for adverts linking to fake news articles which claim that the celebrity has made large amounts of money through online investments.

These are intended to lure people into getting involved with investment scams such as fake shares and cryptocurrencies.

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Cold callers

Norfolk Trading Standards has advised people to be on their guard to doorstep cold callers.

People often report having had cold callers at their door despite having a 'no cold calling' sticker on display. 

Cold callers have recently been spotted in Great Yarmouth offering to repair damage to the roofs of properties in the area. 

Fake DVLA emails

People have received fake communications claiming to be from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). 

These often say that there is an issue with a payment or transaction that needs to be corrected.

The email provides a button which will lead to a fake version of the DVLA website that will attempt to gather personal and financial information.