Plans have been lodged to sell alcohol and late-night refreshments at a new off-licence in Norwich.

Gboluwaga Ezekiel ldowu has submitted the application with Norwich City Council for premises at the top of Aylsham Road, near the Boundary junction.

The new business would be called Giottos and would sell fruit and vegetables, alcohol and general amenities.

Its proposed opening hours are 9am to 10pm from Monday to Friday.

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According to the application, the applicant wishes for the alcohol licence to start "as soon as possible". 

A floor plan for the store shows a range of shelving, an alcohol fridge, two normal fridges, a chest freezer and a fridge freezer. 

It comes mere days after FoodByCpC, based in Anglia Square, applied to open an Afro-Caribbean food business further down the road. 

The business would sell African food at "affordable prices" with products from countries such as Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast.