A police investigation to take down a machete-wielding county lines gang which flooded Norwich with drugs has featured on a new TV show.

The documentary, Police: Suspect No 1, follows the dramatic story of Operation Hobble, which dismantled the 'Lewis' drugs network.

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The behind-the-scenes Channel 5 series reveals how police tracked down and arrested the gang, who were responsible for bringing 4.3kg of Class A drugs, including £300,000 worth of heroin and crack cocaine, into Norwich.

The line would send out text messages to customers that they were “actv all day/night best of both”, meaning they were up and running for orders of crack cocaine and heroin.

Officers raided a flat in Burleigh Tower, on the Heartsease estate, which the gang was using as a base. When police burst in, one gang member threw drugs and cash from a balcony.

Wraps of heroin and cocaine as well as £855 in cash and a hunting knife were found.

On another raid at a different block of flats, three suspected dealers were captured following a dramatic police chase after they jumped out of a window.

Eastern Daily Press: Liam BoltLiam Bolt (Image: Norfolk Police)

After police knocked down the flat door, an 18-inch machete was found inside.

In total, police uncovered more than 67,000 calls and 12,000 text messages linked to the Lewis line between December 2021 and June 2022.
Eastern Daily Press: Burleigh Tower, NorwichBurleigh Tower, Norwich (Image: Newsquest)

Norfolk Constabulary say they have shut down a total of 74 class A drugs lines in Norfolk between 2019 and 2023.

The gangs have been linked to bloodshed on the streets. In January 2022, 18-year-old Joe Dix - who was linked to one gang - was stabbed to death outside his flat in Mile Cross by rivals.

The Channel 5 show also highlighted other instances of Norwich's drug gang activity.

It features CCTV footage showing a masked man armed with a machete running through the city centre and man with a zombie knife walking through a car park.

Other clips show a fight breaking out at a petrol station and a man rampaging through a pub while locals defend themselves with pool cues.

Ringleader Liam Bolt was jailed for five years and seven months, receiving the longest sentence for leading the Lewis drug operation.

Eastern Daily Press: Edward Quiqley

Eastern Daily Press: Tyler MurphyTyler Murphy (Image: Norfolk Police)

Among several other members to be jailed were: Tyler Murphy, 22, and Edward Quigley, 23 - whose brother was killed in a gang murder in Ipswich last year.

The show can be seen on streaming service My5.