Beccles Library's Renovations

Suffolk Libraries is a charity funded by Suffolk County Council, and Beccles Library is owned by the council, for the local community to use and rent out to several other groups and societies. It has just been reopened after a few months of temporary closing to complete renovations. The library stands at a grand age of 52 years old, and so the recent renovations of the building couldn’t be welcomed at a better time.

After speaking to library manager Sharon Chapman, she explained how the library has received new windows, internal lighting, doors, and a lick of paint to brighten up the space as phase 1 of the refurbishment project, with additional changes happening to the staff areas as phase 2. The library work has been greatly appreciated, with Sharon herself saying, “The work has meant so much to us. The roof no longer leaks, the windows do not rattle and let in draughts, and the internal lighting and decorating has provided us with a warm and welcoming space.”

A warm and welcoming space it really is too, with many members of the public using the library space for studying, sitting, reading a book, checking their emails on the free Wi-Fi and computers, or taking advantage of the scanning and printing services the library offers. Additionally, a Barclays Banking Pod has arrived in the library offering guidance and support, which adds to the brilliant facilities this library has.

It is clear to see this library is more than a building housing books; it is a space of comfort and a community hub offering many forms of support and activities. There are a number of social groups and events happening here all of the time, and Sharon explained how the library is open to everyone and their upcoming ideas as well: “I am especially proud to say that I work for this organisation and we hope that our Beccles community knows that if they have an idea for a club or activity, we will always listen and work hard to get things funded, if required, and up and running as soon as possible.”

The renovations seem to have been a great boost for the library, and it is good to see the building being used frequently by the local community.