A week on from the horrific discovery of four bodies inside a house in Costessey, the quiet community remains in shock.

The residents of the Queen's Hills estate - which is home to around 5,000 people - first became aware that something was unfolding shortly after 7am last Friday.

Police officers swarmed to Allan Bedford Crescent after a dog walker raised the alarm that something awful had occurred there.

They forced their way into a semi-detached home, where they found the bodies of Bartlomiej Kuczynski, 45, his daughters Jasmin, 12, and Natasha, eight, and their aunt Kanticha Sukpengpanao, 36, who had been visiting from Thailand.

Over the following seven days, detectives have tried to piece together what happened, as horrific details have emerged.

They now believe that Kuczynski - who had been struggling with mental health problems - murdered his daughters and sister-in-law to death by stabbing them each in the neck with a knife, after his wife left for work at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital (N&N).

He then took his own life by stabbing himself in the neck.

Eastern Daily Press: Bartlomiaj Kuczynski with his two daughters Jasmin, 12, and Natasha, eightBartlomiaj Kuczynski with his two daughters Jasmin, 12, and Natasha, eight (Image: Facebook)Eastern Daily Press: Kanticha Sukpengpanao was found dead alongside her nieces and Mr KuczynskiKanticha Sukpengpanao was found dead alongside her nieces and Mr Kuczynski (Image: Facebook)READ MORE: Costessey deaths family had 'recent contact' with social services

As those awful details sink in, neighbours are struggling to come to terms with them.

Ben Fiaz, a member of Costessey town council, said the tragedy had left a “resounding effect” in the community.

“A week on my feelings are still the same. I still have not come to terms with it and cannot understand this shocking and awful disaster.

“This horrific and tragic loss of lives is something the entire community is still struggling with. It has had a resounding effect."

Eastern Daily Press: The cordon remains in place just around the houseThe cordon remains in place just around the house (Image: Bruno Brown)

The same shocked reaction was echoed by a dog walker who passed the house, which remains cordoned off by police.

“As you can imagine this is all everyone is talking about," he said.

“We are in deep shock and I know everyone in the community is. It is hard to imagine things returning to normal.

"This was always such a quiet estate, and though it is still quiet it has a quiet, ghostly and eerie feeling."

Eastern Daily Press: The father lived at the property with his two daughtersThe father lived at the property with his two daughters (Image: Facebook)

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The killings have left many unanswered questions among locals, not least, were any opportunities to prevent them missed?

Kuczynski was a patient at the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) - which provides the region's mental health services - and the organisation has launched a "full externally-led serious incident review" into its dealings with him.

A specialist team from the trust went to see Kuczynski - who was already a patient of theirs - at the N&N on December 14 when police took him there for a mental health assessment after he was reported missing and was later found, on Queen's Hills.

However, he left the hospital before the team arrived.

Eastern Daily Press: The tragedy has left the community shakenThe tragedy has left the community shaken (Image: Facebook)

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Meanwhile, Norfolk Constabulary has already referred itself to the Independent Office for Police Conduct so the watchdog can investigate its dealings with Kuczynski both on December 14 and on last Friday, when Kuczynski made a 999 call from the house an hour before the bodies were found.

During that call, at around 6am, he raised concerns about his mental state and said he was "confused".

Call handlers advised him to seek medical advice and did not send officers to the property.

An hour later - after that phone call from the dog walker - they arrived on Queen's Hills in force.

And things have not been the same for the estate ever since.

Eastern Daily Press: Bartlomiej KuczynskiBartlomiej Kuczynski (Image: Facebook)