A group of four people and three dogs have been rescued after being cut off and nearly swept away on a Norfolk beach.

Happisburgh RNLI crews were called out to the incident at 3.40pm on Saturday after a 999 call to HM Coastguard.

The group was cut off by the high tide on the beach just below the lighthouse.

The RNLI was quick to deploy the lifeboat Russel Pickering to the scene however debris along the beach meant the boat couldn't reach the group.

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Two of the volunteers quickly swung into action, wading through the water with extra lifejackets to help the people and dogs to safety.

Eastern Daily Press: The incident happened just below the Happisburgh lighthouseThe incident happened just below the Happisburgh lighthouse (Image: Keiron Tovell)

With assistance from the coastguard, they were taken away from the beach with no injuries.

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Happisburgh Community Water Safety Team said: "Please take extra care when walking on the beaches around Norfolk - with all the storms we have had the beaches have changed and access points have changed with the erosion that has happened.

"Please walk with others, not by yourself, and have a means of calling for help, check tide times and the weather forecast.

"Let someone know where you are going and the time you intend to get back.

"Enjoy our wonderful coastline but stay safe and if you should have any problems call 999 and ask for the Coastguard."