A document setting out how two communities on the Norfolk Broads should develop over the next 14 years is going out for public approval. 

Loddon Town Council and Chedgrave Parish Council are set to ask for thoughts on their joint Chet Neighbourhood Plan. 

The scheme, named after the river dividing the two communities, sets out how the two communities should expand between now and 2038. 

The councils say it is intended to “improve the quality of both Loddon and Chedgrave as places in which to live, work, access services and undertake leisure activities”. 

While the document does not set out specific areas for houses to be built it does provide policies and objectives for South Norfolk Council (SNC) to follow when determining planning applications in the area.   

The plan has seven key objectives, including working towards net zero carbon emissions, ensuring homes meet local needs and are of good quality, and the protection of green spaces.  

Eastern Daily Press: River Chet at Loddon by Ruth GrindrodRiver Chet at Loddon by Ruth Grindrod (Image: Ruth Grindrod)

The policies, which are intended to help meet the objectives, include homes being of sustainable design and building practices, with support for community-led renewable energy schemes. 

It also calls for new development to reduce flood risks through new drainage schemes and supports new homes being sold to people with a local connection first. 

SNC, which oversees the development of the plan, signed off on the document at a meeting on Monday. 

Eastern Daily Press: Loddon pictured from the sky on Easter bank holiday Monday in heavy snow 2008Loddon pictured from the sky on Easter bank holiday Monday in heavy snow 2008 (Image: Mike Page)

Daniel Elmer, deputy leader of South Norfolk Council, said he “really liked” the Chet scheme, particularly a map it included of footpaths and cycleways in the area. 

“I thought that really highlighted just how important this area is as a place for nature and exercise," he said.  

“I’m pleased to say I have no objections or amendments to this plan.” 

The plan will now go out to the public for approval.