As temperatures in Norfolk are set to plummet to below-freezing many will be wondering if the county will see snowfall. 

The mercury may drop to as low as -4C in some areas which the Met Office predicts will bring snow as early as this evening. 

North Norfolk can expect to see the first snowfall tonight around 9.15 as spotty weather comes down from the north. 

Eastern Daily Press: The first snowfall could fall over Norfolk as early as 9.15 tonightThe first snowfall could fall over Norfolk as early as 9.15 tonight (Image: Met Office)

It will move south and hit Norwich by around 10pm while eastern areas such as Sea Palling and Waxham receive a light covering.

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Towards 11pm, heavier cloud cover may lead to more snowfall in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. 

The snow will then fall over the channel, just missing Norfolk before returning at 6am tomorrow where further eastern areas will see dustings.

Eastern Daily Press: The heaviest snow will likely fall tomorrow morningThe heaviest snow will likely fall tomorrow morning (Image: Met Office)

By 9.30am, much of the north and eastern seaboard will have seen snow as well as a small chance of rain. 

This is predicted to continue through Monday evening, lifting fully by 10pm.

By Tuesday, most of the snowfall will be isolated over the channel but some light falling is possible along the coast.