Fines for people who litter and fly-tip in Breckland will soar by up to 230pc as part of a new government crackdown. 

The district is the first in Norfolk to introduce the changes which will see maximum penalties raised as a deterrent to would-be offenders. 

Under the new measures, the maximum penalty for fly-tipping has been raised from £400 to £1,000, while littering will now carry a maximum penalty of £500, up from £150.

Eastern Daily Press: Breckland Council has caught and fined three fly-tippers recentlyBreckland Council has caught and fined three fly-tippers recently (Image: Breckland District Council)

Breckland Council claims the increase will ensure people are held accountable for their actions and that the penalties are "reflective" of the harm they cause to the environment.

Councillor Helen Crane, executive member for Waste, Environmental Health, Licensing and Sustainability, said: "The increase to our maximum penalties is an important step in combatting the growing issue of waste-related offences in our communities.

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"It is also another step forward in our commitment to protect the environment.

"With these new measures in place, we can work towards a cleaner, greener future for all."

In November, the council successfully carried out investigations into three separate incidents of fly-tipping in the region which resulted in fines totalling £1,645.