Public access to a Norfolk beach could be restricted for months after a ramp was damaged in recent storms. 

The ramp down to Happisburgh beach has been closed since before Christmas after storm tides, heavy rain and high winds eroded more of the cliffs and part of the access route. 

North Norfolk District Council has pledged to rebuild the ramp, but said work will be put on hold until there are drier conditions, which could be months away.

It means Happisburgh beach can now only be accessed via Cart Gap south of the village or Walcott to the north.

Each are about 1.5 miles from Happisburgh.

Eastern Daily Press: The ramp down to Happisburgh beachThe ramp down to Happisburgh beach (Image: Denise Bradley)

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"We closed the ramp on December 22 as the toe of the ramp has eroded again," Tim Adams, leader of the council, said.

"It’s not the first time we’ve had to close the ramp and it won’t be the last. Essentially we're waiting for it to be dry enough to rebuild it because we’ve got to get excavators down there.

"It’s as and when really. It could be as late as early spring or as early as next week, but you can’t say until it’s dry enough.

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"That’s the position we’re in at the moment. It will be done at some point though because it’s important for beach access. The works there are very weather, water and tidal dependent.

"It's one of those fairly regular bits of work we do as a local authority to maintain access to our beaches."

Eastern Daily Press: Erosion at Happisburgh Erosion at Happisburgh (Image: Mike Page)

The rate of erosion at Happisburgh is happening at twice the speed projected and access to the car park at the top of the ramp via Beach Road could soon be cut off by the sea. 

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The car park only opened in 2012 and the council now plans to move it back to a 3.2-acre site behind houses on Beach Road, which would be accessed via a new track off Lighthouse Lane.

Eastern Daily Press: Erosion could soon cut off access to the Beach Road car parkErosion could soon cut off access to the Beach Road car park (Image: Sonya Duncan)