The Christmas break has gone by in a flash and now it is time for parents and children to get back into the school routine.

With this in mind, here are the school term dates for Norfolk in 2024.

Spring Term

After Christmas students returned to school on January 4.

This term will last six weeks running until February 16, when the first half term of the year will take place from February 19 until February 23.

Then students will go back to school until the Easter holidays which will run from March 28 until April 12.

Summer Term

The second term will kick off after Easter on April 15 until May half term with a single bank holiday on May 6.

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The half term will run from May 27 until May 31 then pupils will be back at school until the summer holidays begin on July 19.

Autumn Term

Schools will kick off the new academic year on September 4 with a long stint until half term on October 28. 

Children are then back to school on November 4 until December 20 before breaking up for Christmas and the final holiday of the year.


Norfolk County Council has suggested staff training days but guidance might not be followed and therefore parents are urged to check the dates with each specific school.