New photos show a 'moon halo' lighting up the skies over Norfolk on Boxing Day. 

The phenomenon was caught on camera by Niki Davies above the clifftops in Gorleston-on-Sea on the evening of December 26. 

Lunar halos are formed due to ice crystals reflecting moonlight and producing a white ring.

Certain angles of refraction can cause the halo to have a faint coloration but this is more rare.

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Eastern Daily Press: The 'moon halo' was caught on cameraThe 'moon halo' was caught on camera (Image: Niki Davies)The Met Office said: "In the past halos and other such atmospheric phenomena were used as an empirical form of weather forecasting before the development of meteorology.

"There is some degree of truth in this as the high cirrus cloud which contains the ice crystals required for halos to form often signifies an approaching frontal system.

"However, in many cases, the front will be inactive or simply change course from the area - producing no rain."

Ms Davies described the halo as "awesome" after spotting it on Boxing Day.