Lorries, cars and other vehicles are still unable to pass through Welney today as the west Norfolk village's regular flood issues persist.

Early morning measurements of water levels on the A1101 road through the village show there are around 26 inches in the centre and up to 31 inches at the edges, making it still hazardous to cross. 

While flood levels in the area are currently dropping overall, further rainfall predicted for this week is likely to keep the road and surrounding pathways flooded. 

Eastern Daily Press: People have been using canoes to cross the Welney roadPeople have been using canoes to cross the Welney road (Image: Welney Flood Watch)

Last week, various large vehicles including a refrigerated Asda van and a lorry were stranded while attempting to cross the road, needing contents removed and towing away. 

A young family was also photographed travelling the road by canoe. 

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A Welney Flood Watch spokesman said yesterday: "It's still too deep for vehicles and the Asda van is still in there.

"We saw one or two people in canoes exploring yesterday and enjoying themselves.

"I expect the road will be closed for the coming week."

The Environment Agency has warned river levels remain high in the Hundred Foot Washes, as well as the causeways at Earith and Sutton Gault remaining flooded.