Mike Bowden of Cory Brothers says the company is ready to support new energy projects – now and in the future.

Energy has underpinned the history of the global shipping agency Cory Brothers since it was established more than 180 years ago.

“From our very first year of trading in 1842, we were shipping coal worldwide,” said Mike Bowden, director of growth and partnerships. “Over time we’ve adapted our services to deal with all types of energy – from oil and gas through to nuclear and even project cargo for wind turbines.

“Our combined knowledge and services cater for on and offshore throughout the UK and worldwide.”

From a service perspective, Cory Brothers offers comprehensive support to the energy sector, driven by the ever-evolving needs of clients.

“Adapting to the times is essential for longevity,” said Mike. “We’ve continuously adapted to what our clients want and need: looking ahead, investing in new technology, fresh talent and advancing energy sectors.

“We must all find ways to be more sustainable as a business – and as a part of UK plc.”

It’s not simply the breadth and quality of service that makes Cory Brothers a trusted partner for energy clients – the knowledge it has amassed over the best part of two centuries also plays a big part.

“Knowing the right processes, people and systems makes a significant difference,” said Mike. “If I was in this sector, I would want to know that I’m dealing with somebody who can talk with authority on petrochemicals or new energy such as hydrogen, methanol, tidal and offshore wind.

“We offer a vast wealth of experience and expertise across the energy spectrum: managing crew changes for offshore platforms and wind farms through to UK nuclear power projects,” he added. “Our surplus value is not just the mechanical parts that we provide, it’s that base knowledge we have built up through every form of energy to date.”

Eastern Daily Press: Mike Bowden of Cory Brothers (right) with Captain Pieter van Rijn of the Laura MaerskMike Bowden of Cory Brothers (right) with Captain Pieter van Rijn of the Laura Maersk (Image: Mike Bowden)
Cory Brothers has 19 offices across the UK with its headquarters in Ipswich. As an active member of the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR), the company is committed to further developing its understanding of a fast-growing sector.

“We want to stay abreast of all information as critical and forward thinkers,” said Mike. “We’re always progressing our knowledge, exploring new ideas, connecting with new people and adding more value.”

This knowledge feeds innovation – another facet of Cory Brothers’ success and “a daily requirement” for its customers.

“We’re in the problem-solving business,” Mike explained. “It’s our job to provide solutions to various challenges such as how to transport nuclear plant equipment to site with a long list of blockages and ensuring it’s safe, on time and within budget.

“We do not have all the answers all the time, but we always work tirelessly to find them.”

A sneak peek at the future of shipping

It’s not easy to make ocean freight greener or leaner. One of Cory Brothers’ ships agency customers is, however, leading the way.

Maersk’s new methanol-powered ships represent a remarkable leap forward in sustainable maritime transportation.

Eastern Daily Press: The Laura Maersk, the first of Maersk’s methanol-powered vesselsThe Laura Maersk, the first of Maersk’s methanol-powered vessels (Image: Mike Bowden)
Mike Bowden, director of growth and partnerships, recently enjoyed a guided tour around the Laura Maersk to see for himself. “Methanol is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel option when compared to traditional fossil fuels,” said Mike.

“By choosing methanol, Maersk is actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

“Methanol can be produced from various renewable sources, making it a versatile and sustainable choice for powering ships. 

“We continue to support and help all our suppliers with combined efforts to find more sustainable options and improve the whole supply chain.”

To find out how Cory Brothers can support your energy project, visit corybrothers.com/shipping-agency/energy-logistics. Alternatively, get in touch with the team at hello@corybrothers.com or 01394 674822.