A Norfolk woman was left shaken after two men in an unmarked van ransacked her and her neighbour's gardens.

At around 9.20am yesterday, Chloe Ellis, 21, of West View in South Pickenham, spotted two men in a white Fiat Ducato with Polish number plates grabbing things from gardens.

"I was home alone when a white van pulled up outside the house and a middle-aged man jumped out," she said.

Eastern Daily Press: Two men were seen using the van to go from house to houseTwo men were seen using the van to go from house to house (Image: Chloe Ellis)

"He started to look through some stuff in our front garden and a few moments later a young bearded man came running from the neighbour's garden and straight into ours where he stole some bits hidden in our back garden area.

"They took the stuff without asking or knocking and began throwing stuff around as well.

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"The young man seemed angry as he began to throw stuff and slam the doors on his van."

Ms Ellis claims it comes at a time when areas surrounding South Pickenham - including Swaffham, Saham Toney and Watton - are being targeted by opportunistic thieves. 

Police officers are due to take a statement from Ms Ellis tomorrow.