A documentary shot in north Norfolk may not have been as explosive as some other releases this year, but that hasn't stopped it from being named one of 2023's best films.

Critics at The Times have rounded up their favourite flicks of the last 12 months, which includes the likes of Napoleon, Oppenheimer and Killers of the Flower Moon.

Also included in the list is Seaside Special, which was directed by Jens Meurer and filmed in Cromer in 2019.

Mr Meurer is from Berlin in Germany but he was inspired to make the documentary after visiting the seaside town with his family many years ago. 

The 90-minute film is his "love letter to Great Britain" and it follows the preparations for the annual Cromer Pier Christmas Show. 

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The Times said: "As a look behind the scenes of an end-of-the-pier variety show, this documentary is a simple treat.

"Taking us to Cromer in Norfolk, it introduces us to the show’s enthusiastic, not remotely famous performers and captures their world’s gaudy charm.

"This account happens to have a Brexit theme. The film was shot in 2019 and its director asks the troupers and other Cromer residents how they feel about leaving the EU."