Fears over the erosion of the "right of juries" to make conscience-based decisions has seen activists protest outside Norwich Crown Court

A group of placard-wielding protesters staged a demo to highlight what they say are threats to the principle of jury equity - that jurors determine the outcome of cases. 

It was part of 50 similar protests across the UK.

It follows the prosecution of climate activist Trudi Warner for holding up a banner outside a London court informing jurors they were entitled to find protesters not guilty, based on their own conscience.

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Eastern Daily Press: Defend Our Juries protesters outside Norwich Crown CourtDefend Our Juries protesters outside Norwich Crown Court (Image: Philip Williams Photo)

There has been a succession of jury acquittals in political protest cases, including the acquittal of the Colston four who toppled the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol.

Former Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption has criticised juries acquitting people who were "plainly guilty in political cases simply because they sympathise with them" saying it undermined the rule of law.

But Dr Clive Dolphin, of Defend Our Juries, said: “History tells us that an authentically democratic component of the criminal justice system is a vital safeguard against the abuse of executive power.”