Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis has hit the headlines in recent weeks for taking on a number of controversial second jobs paying him almost a quarter of a million pounds.

But Mr Lewis is not the only Norfolk MP earning extra in addition to the £86,584 salary each one receives for representing their constituents. 

We have gone through the MPs' register of interests, which sets out all their earnings, donations and shareholdings, to find out how much each one is making. 

Two members stand out in particular, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds more than their colleagues. 

Items are regularly removed from the register of interests, with gifts disappearing from the current register after around a year. The data does not include expenses, which are registered separately.

Eastern Daily Press: South Norfolk MP Richard BaconSouth Norfolk MP Richard Bacon (Image: UK Parliament)

Richard Bacon

The Conservative MP for South Norfolk has claimed no extra income or donations in the last year. 

The only entry on the current register is that he is an unpaid member of the board of the 'right to build' task force. 

He has been an MP since 2001 but is set to stand down at the next general election. 

Total declared additional income: £0 


Eastern Daily Press: Duncan Baker, North Norfolk MPDuncan Baker, North Norfolk MP (Image: Newsquest)

Duncan Baker

The MP for North Norfolk has claimed no gifts or additional earnings.

He is listed as the beneficiary of the MJM Baker discretionary will trust, which holds property and provides investment income.

Total declared additional income: £0 


Eastern Daily Press: George Freeman MP for Mid NorfolkGeorge Freeman MP for Mid Norfolk (Image: George Freeman)

George Freeman

The MP for Mid Norfolk has no additional jobs.

He received a ticket for the England vs Scotland Six Nations match at Twickenham, worth £499 from Henham Strategy, a lobby group, in February.

Mr Freeman also has three unpaid roles: director of the Norfolk Way, a not-for-profit enterprise intended to support a “vibrant rural economy”; chairman of Bridge of Hope, which supports people leaving horse racing; trustee of a rare birds charity.

Total declared additional income: £499 


Eastern Daily Press: Great Yarmouth Conservative MP Brandon LewisGreat Yarmouth Conservative MP Brandon Lewis (Image: Parliament)

Brandon Lewis

Of all of Norfolk’s MPs Brandon Lewis, member for Great Yarmouth, earns the most additional income.

All Sir Brandon’s jobs have been taken on since January and despite the MP saying he will fight the seat at the next election the number of roles has led to speculation that he does not expect to remain in his position.

Including his MP's salary, he earns just under £500,000 a year, making him one of the highest-earning members of parliament. 

His highest-paying role is also his most recent - working as a senior adviser to investment firm Letter One, a company partly owned by two sanctioned Russian oligarchs.

For £250,000 a year Sir Brandon works just 416 hours a year - or one day a week.

He earns £150,000 from three other positions, including for a housing developer based in Surrey.

He is also a director of Woodland Schools which is unpaid, but gives him the use of a £10,000 company car. 

Sir Brandon has also received a substantial number of donations in the past year, with nine different people and groups making contributions.  

This includes £15,000 from Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of Vladimir Chernukhin, a multimillionaire businessman who served under Putin as a junior minister, but later fled Russia. 

Mr Lewis has previously defended accepting the donations, saying that he “would absolutely defend the right of any British citizen, including the people who have donated to myself and others, to play their full part in our democracy." 

His largest donor was Countywide Developments, a property developer based in London. 

In total, he has taken in £69,908.92 in donations. 

He has also received two gifts, one from Barratt Homes, a property developer, for a ticket to the Rugby Six Nations worth £500.

The other was a helicopter flight from London to Bolton to visit the University of Bolton worth £4,952.70. 

Total declared additional income, gifts and donations: £485,361.62 


Eastern Daily Press: South Norwich Labour MP Clive LewisSouth Norwich Labour MP Clive Lewis (Image: Parliament)

Clive Lewis

Norfolk's only Labour MP, the member for Norwich South, has two just two entries for additional earnings in the last year. 

He received £225 for a survey for polling and market research company Ipsos Mori and £323.42 for a Guardian article calling for reform of the monarchy. Both were for 1.5 hours of work.

Mr Lewis has also received donations of services from a variety of companies. 

This includes £5,139 worth of staffing to support communications from Small Axe Communications, a not-for-profit 'progressive' campaigning organisation. 

Similar services were provided by Compass, which helped support parliamentary campaigns, worth £1,700.

A ticket to Glastonbury, worth £340, was gifted for taking part in a political debate at the festival.

He also received £1,845 worth of flights, taxis and hotels for a visit to Finland to meet with Finnish parliamentarians and groups. 

He owns shares in Toussaint Ventures Ltd, which is described as a “political organisation". 

Total declared additional income: £9,602.42 


Eastern Daily Press: Broadland MP Jerome MayhewBroadland MP Jerome Mayhew (Image: Newsquest)

Jerome Mayhew 

The MP for Broadland earns £3,000 a year from Walsingham Estate Management Ltd “for services as a non-executive director”. He works 20 hours a year. 

Mr Mayhew also owns several houses and a piece of agricultural land in Suffolk. 

The properties are in Co Cork, Ireland, two houses in Norfolk, held on behalf of his children, a house in London jointly owned with his spouse and a house in Suffolk, also owned with his spouse.

He owns shares in two companies – the Thorpe and Felthorpe Trust and Walsingham Estate Co Ltd, which has interests in farming, land and property management. 

He previously owned shares in Adventure Forest Group Ltd which were transferred into an employee ownership trust. As part of this agreement he will be periodically repaid over 10 years. 

Total declared additional income: £3,000 per year 


Eastern Daily Press: Norwich North Conservative MP Chloe SmithNorwich North Conservative MP Chloe Smith (Image: Parliament)

Chloe Smith 

The MP for Norwich North, has received additional income.

She was paid £400 from the Daily Express for writing an article about the importance of science and her recovery from cancer, but donated her fee to charity.

Ms Smith has also received donations from several companies and individuals. Most were received by a local party organisation to support the MP and were paid in instalments. 

They include £4,800 from Sue Pollock, £6,000 from David Edmonds, £3,600 from Anthony Prendergast and £1,683.99 from Computer Service Centre.

She also received a gift of two tickets for the Spitting Image Gala night, worth £370, in June. 

Ms Smith has two unpaid roles, one as an honorary fellow at the UEA and another as a trustee at the Big C cancer charity.

The MP is set to stand down at the next general election. 

Total declared additional income: £16,853 


Eastern Daily Press: Liz Truss the south west Norfolk MPLiz Truss the south west Norfolk MP (Image: Newsquest)

Liz Truss  

The member for south west Norfolk and former PM is the second highest-earning MP in the county.

The majority of her income comes from giving speeches, having signed up to a speaking agency after her 44-day stint in Downing Street. 

The engagements have earned her some £280,201.22 to date, with accommodation and travel costs often supplied on top. 

For her speaking gigs she worked a total of 20 hours – at a rate of roughly £14,000 per hour.

Her top-paying role was £80,000 for four hours of work at the Prospect Foundation, a Taiwan-based think tank. 

In October, Ms Truss did speaking engagements in two American cities 1,400 miles apart on the same day, earning her more than £32,000.

She has also received more than £8,000 for royalty payments for a book she wrote in 2012 and an advance on a new book.

Ms Truss has received a series of donations from a variety of individuals including a novelist and several businessmen. The money was largely for staffing and office costs.

Ms Truss received a £5,000 donation from Shirley Conran OBE to “support activity in my constituency”. 

Mr Conran is the mother of fashion designer Jasper Conran, and the writer of the best-selling novel Lace, which became known as a ‘bonkbuster’ for its explicit sex scenes. 

Her largest donor this year was Jon Moynihan, who donated £33,265.48 to cover “winding up costs” for her leadership campaign.

Ms Truss has also received a substantial number of gifts in the last year, particularly from Heathrow Airport, which gave her the use of a VIP suite 13 times at a value of £23,800. 

On each occasion, Ms Truss was given the use of the Windsor Suite, which is described as the “ultimate airport experience”, with a chauffeur from your door and a menu from a Michelin star chef. 

She also received the use of Sussex Suite, a conference room at Gatwick Airport, on four occasions worth £5,520 in total - £1,380 each time. 

Ms Truss has also been given donations for flights and hotels to attend events as a guest, worth the equivalent of £72,716.60. 

This includes £10,841 from the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet ministers. 

Ms Truss also owns shares in the Office of Liz Truss LTD, which “provides support” for her public activities. 

Total declared additional income: £473,765.94 


Eastern Daily Press: James WildJames Wild (Image: Archant)

James Wild 

The MP for North West Norfolk has received no additional income. 

However, he has received two gifts.  

One came from Bestway Group, an investment company, for a ticket and hospitality at Royal Ascot, worth £610 in June. 

A second, from Sky UK Ltd, was for a ticket to the Lord's Test match against Australia, worth £400.

Mr Wild has had one visit outside the UK for a Lords and Commons cricket delegation worth more than £700. 

He has two unpaid roles: one as a member of the King’s Lynn Town Deal Board and the other as a governor of King Edward VII Academy, in Lynn.

Total declared additional income: £1,746.12