The Norfolk Labour party's meltdown has continued following the sixth resignation of one of its councillors in the space of 24 hours.

Maxine Webb's announcement that she was leaving the party came after five other councillors revealed they were quitting at a dramatic meeting at City Hall last night.

The resignations affect both the city and county council. Four of the departing members are city councillors while two represent the county.

Ms Webb will now represent the Wensum area on Norfolk County Council as an Independent.

She said she was leaving the party after the “unjust deselection" of Town Close city councillor Ian Stutely and could no longer trust her former colleagues. 

Mr Stutely is one of the members to resign at a Norwich City Council meeting yesterday evening. There was no mention of his deselection in the meeting and the reason for it is not yet known.

The other members to have announced their departure so far are: Emma Corlett, former deputy Labour group leader at Norfolk County Council: Cate Oliver cabinet member for wellbeing and culture at City Hall; and city councillors Karen Davis and Rachel Everett. All are now standing as Independents. 

In a statement, Ms Webb said her move to the comes “with regret and a heavy heart”. 

She said: “This follows recent events within Norwich Labour Party and the wider regional and national party structures, and in particular, the unjust deselection of Town Close city councillor Ian Stutely.  

“The involvement in that process of Labour colleagues with whom I work closely and need to be able to trust, has made my position representing Wensum as a Labour councillor, unmanageable. 

“Furthermore, I cannot stand by and do nothing in response to the resulting loss of Emma Corlett from the county Labour Group following her own resignation from the party.

"Emma has been a huge personal and political influence and has played an irreplaceable role in my journey to standing as, and becoming, a county councillor.” 

Ms Webb indicated she had no issue with Labour colleagues at Norfolk County Council, thanking the group leader at County Hall, Steve Morphew, for his support. 

She added: “I will continue to do my best to stand up for the Wensum community as well as children with SEND and their families across Norfolk, as they battle to access services, support and provision decimated by 13 years of austerity and Conservative government.”