An RSPCA centre is overrun with seal pups after severe weather conditions tore them from their mothers. 

The pups, all around a week old, were stranded across the Norfolk coast and have been closely monitored by various organisations.

RSPCA East Winch took in nine of the pups on Monday after their conditions began to deteriorate. 

The seals were starting to become emaciated and are now all in critical condition.

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Evangelos Achilleos, centre manager, said: "Our unit is now over capacity, we need people to support us.

"Strong winds and harsh tides over the weekend have washed these pups away from their mothers.

"They've all been seen by the vet and hopefully they survive and can be released in the coming months, but we don't know."

Most of the pups were born at Horsey but have been washed away by the tides along the Norfolk coast. 

RSPCA East Winch has issued a plea for people to support their Just Giving page as around 50 seals including 16 pups are now in their care.

The organisation is bracing itself to spend as much as £8,000 a month to feed the animals. 

Mr Achilleos added: "If you do see a seal in distress, contact us or another wildlife organisation for advice and keep your dogs on leads."