People in Norfolk may wake up to a blanket of snow tomorrow morning as Arctic conditions hit the region. 

Temperatures are set to plummet overnight tonight as a cold north-easterly wind brings Arctic air down from Scandinavia.  

This will continue through the week with overnight temperatures remaining below freezing going into the weekend. 

Simon King, lead BBC Weather presenter and meteorologist, said: "Snow showers will come into northern and eastern areas of the UK and while this will mostly be over high ground, there is a chance that there could be snow to low levels for a time." 

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A spokesman for the Met Office added: “Regarding snow in East Anglia, there is a small chance that the region may experience some snow showers, in essence, East Anglian residents may see snow." 

These showers are unlikely to cause disruption due to warmer ground temperatures, adding that the region is "extremely unlikely to experience any impacts". 

This could change towards the end of the week as the cold front meets an area of low pressure moving in from the southwest leading to heavier snow across the region.