The parents of a man who was told he would not live “past his toddler years” have paid tribute their 22-year-old son. 

Jason and Julie Lamb of South Raynham, near Fakenham, described son Luke as a “a bright light” who will be missed. 

At just seven weeks old, Luke was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis and suffered from seizures every day. 

A rare multisystem genetic disease, it can cause growth of benign tumours in different parts of the body. 

The condition left him wheelchair bound and non-verbal, but despite his challenges he was a “laid-back” individual. 

Eastern Daily Press: Luke Blower, who has died aged 22, loved sensory lights

Mrs Lamb said: “When he was diagnosed, it was a massive shock. There was nothing to indicate that he was going to be poorly when I was pregnant with him. 

“There is not much information available about this condition and we wanted to highlight the impact it can have by paying tribute to Luke.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Luke Blower has died aged 22

She went on to describe her son, adding that he was “reliant on us for everything but was very laid-back and very chilled”. 

“We could take him anywhere,” she said. “He was very easy-going.” 

Luke Blower was born in 2001 on March 16, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, becoming a younger brother to Nathan, now aged 25. 

Eastern Daily Press: Luke Blower's funeral

Following his diagnosis as a baby, his family were told that he would not live past the age of five. 

Aged one, he was put on a ventilator and the following year his family were told he had just days to live. 

Instead, Luke would go on to become one of the first pupils to attend the newly opened, special needs school Sheringham Woodfields in north Norfolk. 

He began his education there aged three and remained at the school for 16 years. 

Eastern Daily Press: Luke Blower's funeral

Mr Lamb said: “He was a fighter. He took everything in his stride and defied all odds.” 

Some of his favourite things to do included looking at sensory lights, watching television, playing with balloons, and going for car rides to “watch things flash by”. 

He also loved rainbows. 

Luke died at home on November 11. His funeral took place on November 24 and was attended by around 70 people.

Eastern Daily Press: Luke Blower with his parents, Julie and Jason Lamb

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