Millions of pounds worth of estates remain unclaimed across Norfolk - can you claim a fortune?

The government produces a long list of estates when a person who has no known family dies.

Their homes and estates are then taken care of by the Treasury.  

Unclaimed estates in Norfolk by place of birth

Many of the people on the list are thought to have died alone with no immediate family. 

If you are related to somebody on the list you may be entitled to a share of their estate. 

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To claim your share you will need to provide proof in the form of a family tree showing your relation to the deceased and two pieces of identification.

You may also be asked to send a birth, death or marriage certificate to prove your relation.

Unclaimed estates in Norfolk by place of death


If no claim comes forward for the estate within 12 years the property then becomes property of the Crown.

To make claims on the estate after this time is still possible if you can prove you are a legitimate relation.