A brewery in Norwich is fighting rising costs in a surprising way - by not putting their prices up.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but the team behind Redwell Brewing in Trowse say freezing its prices has helped them navigate a tumultuous few years for the beer industry.

Josh Worley, the company’s marketing manager, said that despite a huge increase in the cost of ingredients - compounded by a rise in how much tax brewers pay on beers with an APV above 4.5pc - their prices have remained the same since 2021.

He said: “It makes sense that most brewers are putting their prices up, or in the case of some of the bigger breweries, dropping the alcohol content to stay below the higher tax threshold. 

“We decided instead to absorb the costs so we didn’t have to pass them onto our customers.

“That’s meant our taproom has stayed incredibly busy while other venues have seen a big drop off in customers.”

Redwell’s tap room, which opened in 2018, serves a range of beers brewed by the business. It also has a retail section where customers can purchase cans to enjoy at home.

Eastern Daily Press: Redwell Brewing has refused to raised its prices since 2021Redwell Brewing has refused to raised its prices since 2021 (Image: Redwell Brewing)

Prices for a 12 pack of 330ml beers start at £27, and pints at the tap room are priced from £5.

Mr Worley said the venue had remained busy with patrons flocking to make the most of Redwell’s frozen prices. 

He added: “One of the benefits of being a small firm is that although we don’t enjoy the economies of scale, we can be very adaptable and flexible.

“It's an incredibly cutthroat industry and breweries are two a penny nowadays, but we’re staying competitive by being the place that’s remained affordable to go out for a beer.”