From big bouncy Albert to goofy little Bud, here are five dogs up for adoption at Dogs Trust Snetterton.

Could you give any of them a home?

1. Albert

Eastern Daily Press: Albert is a big bouncy nine-month-old lurcherAlbert is a big bouncy nine-month-old lurcher (Image: Dogs Trust)

Albert is a big bouncy nine-month-old lurcher who loves hopping around the garden.

He loves being around his family and is friendly with other dogs at the centre. 

He was handed into Dogs Trust after a change in his owners' circumstances and now needs some help rebuilding his confidence.

Albert is good at going for walks and travelling in the car so makes a great companion on trips.

His new family could include children of primary school age and above if they feel comfortable around bigger dogs who jump.

He also needs a secure garden with a 6ft fence so he can practice his zoomies safely. 

2. Barkis and Azzie

Eastern Daily Press: Barkis (left) and Azzie (right) are looking for a new home togetherBarkis (left) and Azzie (right) are looking for a new home together (Image: Dogs Trust)

Barkis and Azzie are two miniature schnauzers who are looking to stay together in their forever home.

Barkis is the younger of the two at five years old while Azzie is 13. 

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Barkis is confident, playful and outgoing while Azzie prefers a quieter life and spends lots of her time snoozing the days away.

Both dogs love being out and about and can go for several walks each day. 

In their ideal home, they would be the only pets and any children would be at least of secondary school age. 

3. Rory

Eastern Daily Press: Rory was found as a poorly strayRory was found as a poorly stray (Image: Dogs Trust)

Rory the border collie is around a year old and was found as a poorly stray.

Dog Trust said he was "quite underweight" when he was rescued and required hydrotherapy and a special diet to regain muscle.

Rory was nervous when he first arrived at the centre but has since started to come out of his shell and is now much happier saying hello to people he meets out and about.

His new family must be willing to help him in his recovery and continue to train him.

Any children in the home must be at secondary school and sensible around dogs who can get a little nervous at times.

4. Bud

Eastern Daily Press: Bud is a fun boy who loves goofing around with his toysBud is a fun boy who loves goofing around with his toys (Image: Dogs Trust)

Bud is a six-year-old labradoodle who has a fun nature and loves goofing around with his toys. 

He is loving and affectionate and does not take long to come around to new people if they approach him gently.

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But his new family should also understand he can struggle with confidence and sometimes needs a bit of 'me-time'. 

For this reason, Bud will need a quieter home where any children are older teens who can read and respect his moods. 

Bud would love a garden to run around in and is eager to continue with his training. 

5. Lily

Eastern Daily Press: Dogs Trust called Lily 'an absolute sweetheart'Dogs Trust called Lily 'an absolute sweetheart' (Image: Dogs Trust)

Lily is a nine-year-old basset hound-border collie cross. 

A Dogs Trust spokeswoman said Lily is an "absolute sweetheart" who loves saying hello to people while out and about. 

She loves chasing after her toys and especially loves playing with her ball.

She can be a little nervous when other dogs do not give her enough space so she would need to be the only pet in the home and any children should be at secondary school.

Lily knows how to sit, paw and recall and should be fine if left for a few hours at a time.