A string of thefts from parked buses has sparked anger and frustration among drivers and company bosses.

Holt-based Sanders Coaches said someone in a motorbike helmet had been boarding its buses when drivers stop to use the toilet in the Cromer and North Walsham areas, before stealing the drivers’ cash and belongings.

Richard Pengelly, Sanders' general manager, said such a series of incidents was unheard of in his time in the public transport industry.  

Mr Pengelly said: “I’ve seen more thefts in the past month than I have in the past 40 years.”

Sanders said more than £1,000 had so far been stolen in five separate incidents.

The firm said police were investigating.

The thefts include two on the morning of November 14 and three others over the past month, all assumed to be the same thief.

The man waits until the drivers leave the buses for the toilet where he then grabs the cash trays and the driver's personal cash and belongings. 

The cash trays themselves are worth around £200. About £50 of the driver's cash and any of the day's takings being stolen each time.

The man has also stolen drivers' belongings including mobile phones and bags.

Eastern Daily Press: The thief targets busses around North Walsham and CromerThe thief targets busses around North Walsham and Cromer (Image: Newsquest)

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The coach company has CCTV footage of a man in a camouflage jacket and motorcycle helmet on board its buses, as well as his motorcycle registration number.

But they said police were yet to identify who it was.

Members of the public have also come forward with information and videos in an attempt to identify the thief.

Sanders said the man was not thought to be targeting particular routes, but any services around Cromer and North Walsham. 

Norfolk Constabulary has been contacted for a response.