For the last few years, once master baker Michael Westley has been enjoying his well-earned retirement. 

That was until his grandson, Curtis Passingham, announced his upcoming nuptials to wife, Alex. 

At that moment, the 82-year-old from Downham Market knew it was time to don an apron and chef’s hat for one last hurrah. 

Eastern Daily Press: Michael Westley with the cake he made for his grandson's wedding day

Mr Passingham, of Essex, said: “My grandad has a lot of history as an internationally competing baker and master craftsman. 

“This year, he came out of retirement to bake his final ever wedding cake - our wedding cake! 

“It was an absolute masterpiece and such a beautiful cake. It was certainly the talking point of our wedding.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Michael Westley with his grandson, Curtis Passingham, and the cake made for his wedding day

Anticipating the interest, Mr Passingham had an ‘About the Baker' board created in secret to display at the wedding last month. 

Mr Westley’s baking career started in 1956 when he began working as an apprentice baker and confectioner at the Co-op's Beehive Bakery in Grays, Essex. 

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Then, aged 18, he was part of a team representing Britain in the International Apprenticeship Competition. 

In later years, he became the proprietor of several restaurants, and, during this time, he continued to bake extraordinary cakes. 

Some of his most impressive creations include his own wedding cake and another which was four-foot tall and made headlines for being just 10 inches shorter than the bride. 

Mr Passingham added: “When we were planning the wedding cake together, which was two years leading up to the wedding, he got out all these old newspaper clippings. 

“They showed all the times when he was in the newspapers before for his competitions, and he was so proud of his achievements. 

Eastern Daily Press: The headline-making wedding cake made by Michael Westley

“We are grateful for the love and expertise grandad has put into our wedding cake and cannot thank him enough for all his efforts. 

“This has been a cake to remember.” 

As well as creating his final wedding cake, Mr Westley also travelled with it in the back of his car 100 miles away to his grandson’s wedding in Essex. 

On the bottom tier, a mechanism light-up with swans spinning to look like swimming. On the top tier, a handmade church lit up with a music box inside playing Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love.

Eastern Daily Press: The wedding cake!