A remote Broads pub already closed for 10 days from flooding has put in additional measures to protect it ahead of Storm Ciarán striking the region.

The Geldeston Locks Inn, near Beccles, is currently surrounded by flood water following the torrential rainfall from Storm Babet.

Heavy flooding across the Waveney Valley left the Locks Inn on an island, with water two inches from the door and the building surrounded in every direction by the overflowing river.

Normally the pub — renowned for its isolated position — can be reached along Locks Lane, a track off the back road between Geldeston and Ellingham.

But Locks Lane and the area surrounding the pub remain underwater, and with extreme weather set to hit, emergency procedures have been activated at the pub.

And with Storm Ciarán set to strike tomorrow the pub is on heightened alert of flooding.

Eastern Daily Press: The school trip for pub manager Frank Barrett and son Blake - pictured walking along a flooded Locks LaneThe school trip for pub manager Frank Barrett and son Blake - pictured walking along a flooded Locks Lane (Image: Submitted)

Graham Elliott, from the Geldeston Locks Inn committee, said: "We are pleased that flood water has not yet entered the pub but it has prevented us from safely opening.

"The access track has been unsuitable for car use for 10 days now and the footpath on the Suffolk side of the river is impassable.

"Pub managers, Jodie and Frank Barrett are coping on site and can get out by boat if needed and in wellies or waders along the access track.

"With the next storm due tomorrow and water levels already very high in the entire river catchment we expect to stay closed for a few more days and have taken advantage of the advance warnings to lift everything up on the ground floor of the pub in case water does come in."

Eastern Daily Press: Inside the pub in readiness for possible internal floodingInside the pub in readiness for possible internal flooding (Image: Submitted)

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When the community ownership took over the business several immediate changes were made to protect the 350-year-old pub from flooding.

"We will not be able to stop the occasional flood coming our way but we have taken measures that reduce the impact of any flood and ensure we recover as quickly as possible afterwards.

"Measures have included raising electric sockets above expected flood level, installing a walk-in fridge with high-level compressors and replacing cement render with breathable lime render," Mr Elliott said.

Eastern Daily Press: Flood water at its peak after Storm Babet struckFlood water at its peak after Storm Babet struck (Image: Submitted)

Ahead of Storm Ciarán the MET Office has put a yellow weather warning for wind in place from 9pm on Wednesday until midnight on Thursday. 

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The Met Office has warned that strong winds could reach up to 70mph in more exposed coastal areas of Suffolk and up to 60mph further inland. 

Thursday will also see heavy rainfall which will lessen heading into the weekend with lighter showers.

Daily updates on the flooding situation at the Locks can be found on its Facebook page and website.