A Norwich man jailed for possessing a machete in the city centre told a judge 'it don't scare me' when warned he faced longer sentences if he was caught with knives again.

Aaron Fisher, 29, was spotted with the weapon by a police officer who saw him remove it from his trousers before dropping it on White Lion Street, close to the junction with Gentleman's Walk.

Eastern Daily Press: White Lion Street, NorwichWhite Lion Street, Norwich (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)When approached by the officer, Fisher took off his top and said "you pulled up on me, now I will have to fight you" before running off and later shouting he was "scared of the Feds".

Fisher, of Lakenfields, Norwich, appeared at Norwich Crown Court - sitting at Whitefriars in the city - on Monday.

He had previously admitted possession of a bladed article at about 8pm on August 20 this year.

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich Crown Court at Whitefriars, NorwichNorwich Crown Court at Whitefriars, Norwich (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)Fisher, who has 18 previous convictions for 32 offences, was told by Recorder John Bate-Williams it was a "very serious" matter.

He cited Fisher's previous offences, including three for possession of knives, as an aggravating feature.

He said: "You of all people know that possession of a bladed article in a public place is a very serious offence".

Sentencing Fisher to 146 days imprisonment Recorder Bate-Williams told the defendant his criminal record was "littered" with bladed article offences and he would face "longer sentences" if he was caught again.

Eastern Daily Press: Whitefriars in NorwichWhitefriars in Norwich (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)Fisher said "it don't scare me, it don't scare me" after he was sentenced.

Juliet Donovan, prosecuting, said after he was arrested Fisher told police he had the knife and it would have his prints on it "but it was not mine".

Oliver Haswell, mitigating, said the circumstances of the offence were very unusual in that he had the weapon "tossed to him" before he "panicked and ran".

He said: "This is not someone who deliberately decided to go to the city with this particular knife and produced it when the police came upon him".

Mr Haswell said Fisher should receive full credit as he admitted the offence in the magistrates court.