Two women who have fought tirelessly to make sure a life-changing thyroid treatment is readily available have been hailed as heroes.

Tracey Howlett and Tara Riddle have spent six years campaigning to make sure hormonal treatment is available for people in Norfolk suffering from hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Support Group Norfolk (TSGN) was set up in 2017, with the goal of overturning a ban on a medication called thyroid hormone liothyronine (T3) in the region.

After three years of persistence, local NHS bosses granted the group's wish - who are now continuing their fight to improve access on a nationwide basis.

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Now, their persistence has been hailed by patient group Healthwatch, which has named Mrs Howlett and Mrs Riddle as 'Healthwatch Heroes' - newly-founded awards given out to celebrate the organisation's 10th anniversary.

Mrs Riddle said: "Norfolk patients have told us that their T3 has been life-changing for them - it was worth our fight."

Judith Sharpe, deputy chief executive of Healthwatch Norfolk, said: "TSGN worked tirelessly on this important campaign; they operated with composure and dignity, sticking to the facts and the evidence to ensure all their information was accurate."