Yobs who lob eggs as part of trick-or-treat mischief have been warned by police it could land them in court.

And officers have even told shopkeepers not to sell eggs or flour to young people.

Egg throwing has become more prevalent in recent years prompting Norfolk police to threaten court action.

Chief superintendent David Buckley said: “We know Halloween can be an enjoyable event for people of all ages and we don't want to spoil anyone's fun.

“Please do look out for each other though, and be responsible with your plans. When trick and treating, please only visit those who have expressed they are happy to be involved and respect the wishes of those who are not.

"It's important to remember not everyone enjoys this annual occasion and to understand the consequences of irresponsible behaviour.”

However, the tricks have begun with an eyewitness report seeing "a trio of lads" throwing eggs at a house in the Millwood area last night, October 26. 

The police are also advising shops to keep to a strict over-18 policy on the sale of fireworks to keep the public safe this bonfire night.