A new maze made of maize has been given the green light, but extra measures will have to be put in place to prevent fires. 

Plans for a 16-acre maize maze and play area on Wood Lane in Pulham Market have been approved by South Norfolk Council. 

The business would open in the school holidays. 

But the scheme drew concerns from seven neighbours who asked for extra protection against fire. 

Kate Bowden, who lives in a nearby farmhouse and represented the objectors, said: “Can you imagine if you’ve got your visitors smoking against a very very dry arable land of maize which would go right up to our garden and our house?” 

Ms Bowden asked for smoking to be banned on site. 

Mark Ellis, a supporting speaker, said the scheme was necessary to help diversify the farm’s income, and insisted that it was “highly, highly unlikely for maize to catch fire”.

He said: “The project is a key part of a long-term strategy for the farm in order to create replacement income, job protection and creation in challenging times.” 

Councillors unanimously approved the scheme with a fire safety management plan which would ban smoking on site.