A coastal community watched with bated breath as a wide load squeezed its way through a precariously tight street.

The yacht "Fair Lass" was seen navigating the street in East Quay in Wells at around lunchtime on Wednesday.

Artist Thea Beatrice Charrot-Hickling saw the event unfold and said: "I was having my usual walk around the coastal path, venturing back along the quay and realised there was something happening that you don't see every day.

Eastern Daily Press: The boat slowly inched through the gapThe boat slowly inched through the gap (Image: Thea Beatrice Charrot-Hickling)

"They were moving their boat from the boat yard along the road and at one point it was a very tight squeeze.

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"Old roads combined with large traffic prove to be interesting at the best of times, never mind with a boat on board too.

Eastern Daily Press: Thankfully, the boat made it through the tight squeeze with no damage to either partyThankfully, the boat made it through the tight squeeze with no damage to either party (Image: Thea Beatrice Charrot-Hickling)

"Luckily after a time, great team effort, patience and perseverance won and the boat went safely on her travels."

The pictures were posted to social media and a commenter said: "We were there and I honestly didn't think they'd manage it. Great teamwork."

Another added: "I saw it earlier, it looked impossible from a distance. Well done to all."