One of the best-known meteor showers of the year will be visible in Norfolk this weekend. 

The Orionid meteor shower began earlier this month but will peak on October 21 and 22. 

This "extra special" event contains pieces of Halley's comet which only passes by Earth once every 75 years. 

Meteor showers occur when particles of comet debris enter our atmosphere and burn up, appearing as shooting stars.

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There will be as many as 25 meteors per hour throughout the weekend which will appear fast with fine trains. 

They will be visible to the naked eye but those hoping to catch a glimpse will need to allow their eyes to adjust to the dark and be located away from street lights and other light pollution. 

It is called the Orionid meteor shower because it appears as though it is coming from the constellation of Orion. 

For those who don't get a chance to spot them this weekend, there is a chance that the 'shooting stars' will be visible as late as November 7.