A man has been jailed for two years following an attack on his mother at her home.

Kieren Latore, 22, attacked his own mother outside her home and slammed her head into the ground.

He also stamped on her chest and legs in Drovers Place, Huntingdon, on the night of July 16.

She managed to escape his clutches and was found shortly afterward by officers at another property, curled up in a ball with multiple cuts and bruises.

Police heard that earlier in the evening, Latore had subjected his mother to an hour-long tirade of physical and verbal abuse during a car journey from Great Yarmouth to her home where he had been temporarily living.

Latore told her she was a failure and when the driver - a friend of his mother’s - tried to intervene, he yelled at him to "crash the car".

He threw his arm around his mother's throat and squeezed her shoulder blade, causing her pain.

The driver swerved at the last moment to avoid crashing the car which prompted Latore to calm down and his "demeanor switched to being pleasant for the rest of the journey".

When they reached her home, Latore then became verbally abusive again towards his mother and threw her to the ground by her throat and punched her in the face several times before stamping on her repeatedly.

After a couple of attempts, the friend managed to stop Latore, who fled, but officers found him a few hours later in Godmanchester.

On Tuesday Latore appeared at Peterborough Crown Court after admitting to causing actual bodily harm (ABH) and drug offences from outside the county.

He was sentenced to two years and six months in prison.

Anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse is urged to contact police or call the national domestic violence helpline on 0808 2000 247.