A fisherman was rescued after being dragged out to sea when his foot caught in a tow rope. 

Sheringham Lifeboat was called out at 5.30pm on Sunday to aid a fisherman who was thought to be in distress. 

On arrival at the scene, the fisherman was back in his boat having been assisted by several onlookers.

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The fisherman had been setting his nets off Sheringham West Beach when his foot caught in the rope.

The boat was still in gear but ran ashore and grounded itself on the bank.

Several onlookers ran onto the beach and turned the boat around, relaunching it just as Sheringham Lifeboat arrived.

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The crew took the two people onto the lifeboat and fitted them with lifejackets, checking that the fisherman was OK.

The fisherman was wet and cold but insisted on being allowed to drive his boat back to Cromer.

The lifeboat escorted him to Cromer and watched him safely ashore and then returned to Sheringham to drop their two passengers safely ashore.