Norfolk Police has placed an immobilisation device on a vehicle, preventing it from moving, after stopping it on the A47 and discovering a catalogue of faults.

Norfolk and Suffolk's Roads and Armed Policing Team stopped a vehicle on the A47 near Norwich on Thursday evening (October 5) that had a failed MOT from July.

The driver was reported and there is now a prohibition in place, with 14 defects found with the vehicle.

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One of these faults was classed as dangerous, meaning it cannot be driven until repaired, which was for the nearside stop lamps not working. 

Eastern Daily Press: The defects found in the vehicle on the A47 The defects found in the vehicle on the A47 (Image: Norfolk Police)

There were also 13 'major' defects found, which need to be repaired immediately, including brake defects, corrosion of the vehicle and issues with the headlamp. 

A notice has been stuck on the vehicle and it cannot be driven until it is released from the immobilisation device.

It is an offence for the driver to remove this device themselves.