Coastal communities along the Norfolk coast were hit by high-tide flooding amid a warning from the Environment Agency.

Serious warnings were issued for Wells-next-the-Sea and Salthouse yesterday (September 29), with lesser alerts in place for Hunstanton, King's Lynn, West Lynn and The Wash. 

People in Wells woke up on Saturday to find roads and pedestrian walkways completely covered in water and impassable by foot or vehicle. 

Eastern Daily Press: Wells saw very high tides early this morningWells saw very high tides early this morning (Image: Michelle Frank)

Parts of the quay were submerged while the water approached businesses on the seafront.

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Similarly, hotel guests in Blakeney were unable to leave their accommodations following the flooding which reached waist-high in places.

Eastern Daily Press: Cars were unable to use certain roads due to the high waterlineCars were unable to use certain roads due to the high waterline (Image: Michelle Frank)

The tides reached their highest between 6.15am and 8.15am but were expected to lower this morning. 

Flood gates on the Hunstanton coast will be closed and flood defences in the area will be checked. 

The Environment Agency has advised people to take care on beaches, coastal roads and footpaths.